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Calendar icon 21/05/2021

Εvangelia Platanioti: The star of synchronized swimming is part of bwin’s Team Future!

Evangelia Platanioti is considered to be the “golden girl” of synchronized swimming, makin...

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Evangelia Platanioti is considered to be the “golden girl” of synchronized swimming, making an impact not only in Greece, but in the whole of Europe. Now, she has the full support of bwin and is getting ready to achieve even more!

Just a few months before the Tokyo Olympics the whole world of synchronized swimming was talking about a Greek athlete. Evangelia Platanioti, member of bwin’s “Team Future”, won the bronze medal in free solo and the silver medal in technical solo at the European Championships in Budapest! These medals represent the two biggest successes of her career to date. Not only that, but she managed to raise the Greek flag higher than ever, as she became the first woman to win two medals in the same event! Greece hadn’t won a single medal in synchronized swimming since 2016, something that makes her success even more important.

For many that came as a surprise, but not for Evangelia, who had been working really hard for this. She had to learn the hard way and alongside Evelina Papazoglou, her duet partner in recent years, always used to set the bar higher than the expectations.

Her life in the water

Evangelia seemed destined to compete in synchronized swimming. She loved water and dancing from an early age. As soon as she first danced in the water, she knew what she wanted to do. It’s like a second life for her started at that moment, as synchronized swimming is a very demanding sport, which requires discipline and hard work every single day. Her dedication and strong character are getting her higher and higher each year.

She stood out quickly and with her hard work came the successes. In 2009 she beat Russia, the world’s super power in synchronized swimming, in solo and 2 years later she won a medal in the European Championships in duet. She took part in the London Olympics in 2012, something so special that she hasn’t forgotten about even today. After 4 years she didn’t just qualify for the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, but she finished in 10th place. Now, she’s really close to qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics through the Barcelona Pre-Olympic Tournament. In fact, as she herself stated, the European Championships in Budapest, were just a rehearsal.

The “Golden Girls”

Returning from Budapest, she didn’t waste any time and immediately started working on the new choreographies for the Pre-Olympic Tournament. Something that demonstrates her winning mentality. There, of course, she won’t be alone. Evelina Papazoglou, another member of bwin’s “Team Future”, will be with her. An athlete with the same dedication and love for synchronized swimming. Her “alter ego” when it comes to duet competitions. Together, they keep taking Greece higher and higher!

From early on they were teammates and their sporting evolution was somewhat parallel. Their love for synchronized swimming brought them even closer. In 2014 they formally became a duet and travelled together all over the world, taking part in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. They were close to securing a place in the Tokyo Olympics, but the coronavirus pandemic canceled their plans. During this difficult period, though, something great happened, as they both joined bwin’s “Team Future”!

Reaching the top with bwin!

Being a part of bwin’s “Team Future” allows them to solely focus on their training, something that during this time is not to be taken for granted. Bwin gives them all the support needed to be successful not only for themselves, but for the entire country. Bwin’s team is consisted of 18 talented athletes, who are the elite of our new generation and give the chance to all Greeks to dream with them for a better future in sport.

Platanioti’s great success in Budapest is only the beginning of a great journey together with bwin. She knows that bwin will be by her side not only during periods of success, but also during difficult times. At the end, there can only be one winner: Greek sporτ.