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Calendar icon 12/01/2021

Euroleague’s «Best Performer in Greece by bwin» for December!

The best moments of Olympiacos and Panathinaikos moments during December in the EuroLeague!

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At the end of every week, the player who has the highest ranking in PIR features by bwin, Official National Sponsor of the EuroLeague, as “Best Performer in Greece by bwin”. The players that stood out with their performances were: Kostas Sloukas, Nemanja Nedovic, Ioannis Papapetrou, Giorgos Papagiannis and Dinos Mitoglou.


Week 10 | Dinos Mitoglou

The player who made the difference for Panathinaikos so that the “greens” reach victory over Milan, was Mitoglou. He managed to score 14 points with 7/7 two-point shots and 6 rebounds in just 17:19” of play. His ranking skyrocketed at 21!

Week 11 | Giorgos Papagiannis

Papagiannis continued his impressive performances against Zalgiris in Athens. Panathinaikos may have lost the game, but his presence in the two baskets was imposing, registering a double-double! He needed just 26:20” for 20 points ranking with 10 points and 11 rebounds.

Week 12 | Ioannis Papapetrou

Papapetrou was undoubtably the «Best Performer in Greece by bwin» when Panathinaikos faced Real Madrid and Alba Berlin. He leaded the way to victory against the German team, but he couldn’t do the same against the Spanish team.

Week 13 | Nemanja Nedovic

The Serbian proved that his is one of the best scorers in the competition. His wining performance against Maccabi Tel Aviv was spectacular, even though Panathinaikos lost the game at the end. With 35 points, 6 assists, 2 rebounds and 45 points in the ranking system, he was the «Best Performer in Greece by bwin» without a doubt.


Week 14 | Kostas Sloukas

Olympiacos most dangerous player and leader in the outskirts of Moscow was Kostas Sloukas. Without him, wining Khimi would not be possible. He faced Alexei Shved and emerged victorious! Sloukas stayed for 29:06” on the court, scored 25 points, gave 5 assists and took 5 rebounds. Those numbers were enough to get him 29 points in the ranking system.