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Calendar icon 27/04/2020

Bwin brought together Olympiacos and Panathinaikos players! (vids)

Bwin, Offiacial National Sponsor of EuroLeague, brought together Olympiacos and Panathinaikos players in a series of videos, in which they send the most optimistic messages in the days of quarantine.

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These days are difficult for everyone. A daily routine for any athlete is normally full of pressure for success, but now every one of them is staying at home. Through this big change, though, they rediscovered themselves and devoted more quality time to their families. Bwin, Official National Sponsor of EuroLeague, through a series of videos has given the opportunity to see again the players we all enjoy watching in the basketball courts in normal circumstances. This time, the topic of the conversation wasn’t basketball, but the conditions of their “new” life. And all of them had some stories to share and messages to send.

Georgios Printezis took advantage of his staying in Syros, his birthplace, to help his family with farming olive oil trees. He said that everybody should enjoy this time at home with their families and themselves, if possible.

Nikos Pappas is trying to be creative, in a way that he didn’t have the time in the past. He bought a bicycle, plays more with his dog, Marios, and has the time to even… care for his moustache.

Sasha Vezenkov spends his time mostly playing and reading. He suggests staying at home and dedicate these days to our family and our loved ones.

Dinos Mitoglou is working out two times a day and relaxes by watching movies and playing videogames.

Antonis Koniaris advises us to take care of the people we love and ourselves. Finally, Vassilis Charalampopoulos suggests some TV series to watch and tells us to avoid going out if not necessary.


Watch the videos with the questions to the players and their answers!

How is your daily routine at home?

How much time does your workout takes now that there aren’t any games?

Which is your favorite habit now that you spend all of your time at home?

Do you watch any TV series these days? If so, can you name it?

Do you have a message to send to the people on how to protect themselves from the virus?