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                        Ioannina Lake Run
Ioannina Lake Run

Calendar icon 11/09/2019

12th Ioannina Lake Run 2019

bwin supported the Ioannina Lake Run for the first time, taking part in one of the majestic routes in Greece.

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An enchanted route

In just a few years, thanks to the exceptional organization, the high participation level and the extraordinary beauty of the route that run along Lake Pamvotida, the Ioannina Lake Run has been established as one of the most significant sporting events for the region and is one the five top racing events in Greece.

The 12th Ioannina Lake Run was attended by a startling 3,500 athletes from all over Greece. Among them, the leading Greek long-distance runners and people arriving from every corner of the world.

Other than the 30km route around Lake Pamvotida, the program include the 30 km power walking route, the 5km and 10 km races, the 1 km Lakeside “mom-cart”, the 1km Lakeside Disabled Persons Race and the 1km Family Run. There are no ages, particularities and practical difficulties in these races. Everyone ran in these races!

The Ioannina Lake Run is not only about races. The two-day racing was preceded by a week full of cultural, environmental, scientific and recreational events, such as theatrical events for young and old, creative workshops, as well as collaborations with local shops.

bwin joins the Run

bwin supported the Ioannina Lake Run for the first time by creating a running team that competed in the most beautiful route in Greece. Our goal is to continue being part of this enchanting race.

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