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Corporate Social Responsibility
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Supporting the Open Polyclinics of “Medecins du Monde”

The two open polyclinics in Athens and Patra recorded 27.341 patients’ visits in 2018. ...

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The two open polyclinics in Athens and Patra recorded 27.341 patients’ visits in 2018.

Bwin supports the work of “Medecins du Monde”, as an integral part of its corporate social responsibility strategy

In 2018, Medecins du Monde, with the support of bwin, offered to fellow-citizens belonging to vulnerable social groups a helping hand, by recording 27.341 patients’ visits at the two open polyclinics in Athens and Patra. Aided by bwin’s responsibility towards the social groups that needs us most, “Medecins du Monde” covered the medical and pharmaceutical needs of those who are unable, in times of financial crisis and social alienation, to secure the most important of all commodities: the healthcare of themselves and their families.

At the same time, after launching a new series of preventive help services iniatives, which are still in effect, in December 2018 “Medecins du Monde” visited Amigdaleona’s Primary School of the Municipality of Kavala, accompanied by a dental team, in order to accommodate the young pupils’ health. Considering the adage “prevention is better than cure” and believing that access to the right of health is a fundamental part for everyone, “Medecins du Monde” and bwin vigorously curry on their partnership and the medical missions all over Greece.

The driving force of the organization is the principle that every single human being has the right to humanitarian assistance, irrespective of gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, ideology or political belief.

Since the beginning of their operations, “Medecins du Monde” have implemented several projects within Greece and abroad, in order to provide medical as well as other services to marginalized populations that cannot access healthcare services and are in need of medical care.

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The first and foremost mission of “Medecins du Monde” is to provide medical and pharmaceutical care. Actions though are not limited to medical treatment: always based on the medical experience, “Medecins du Monde” are vocal against the obstruction of access to healthcare, against the violation of human rights and human dignity.

The long-term aim of “Medecins du Monde” is to secure access to healthcare and ensure that this is a universal human right.