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Calendar icon 27/10/2020

“Médecins du Monde” offer their services to the residents of Kimi in Rhodope

next to the border with Bulgaria

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“Médecins du Monde” reached the outermost region of Rhodope with the support of bwin. During the weekend 24-25 of October 2020 they provided health services to the residents of the mountain village of Kimi, which is located right next to the border with Bulgaria, at 680m altitude.

Less than 60 families live there, as it is one of the most unique and remote villages of the Pomaks’ community in Greece. The majority of the residents are employed either in farming or in agricultural livestock industry. Only a few youngsters live in the village, 17 elementary students among them.

It was crucial for “Médecins du Monde” to reach the region before the heavy winter and more than 50% of the population participated in a preventive health examination. The humanitarian mission included the following medical specialties: a pathologist, a gynecologist, a pulmonologist, a gerontologist, a psychiatrist and a general practitioner, as well as two nurses. The group of doctors, based in the local elementary school, performed over 100 medical examinations within two days, including these on residents of the nearby villages.

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The recently awarded initiative at the “Corporate Affairs Excellence Awards 2020” of “Médecins du Monde” and bwin this time place took place at the region of the Pomaks villages. This was the 7th stop of our program after Prespes, Kastellorizo, Fourni Korseon, Psara, Agios Efstratios and Amygdaleona of Kavala.

“We reached the village of Kimi, beside people who are nearly forgotten, to provide health services once more. “Médecins du Monde” will continue to be in the outermost regions and support those in need. Wherever there are people. Thank you, bwin”, stated Evgenia Thanou, General Director of “Médecins du Monde”.

“We are really proud to be next to all these people without any discrimination. Loyal to our philosophy, we travelled to Kimi, a small village with just a few residents during the winter, next to the border with Bulgaria. With this journey we complete a series of humanitarian missions across Greece. From Kastellorizo to Psara and from Kimi to Prespes”, added Konstantinos Efremidis, Corporate Social Responsibility & Public Affairs Manager of bwin.

Finally, Antwnis Lepidas, teacher at the elementary school of Kimi, thanked bwin and “Médecins du Monde” for their visit and underlined the importance of such missions, especially in the outermost regions like Kimi and Rhodope.