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Calendar icon 16/09/2020

“Médecins du Monde” in Prespes with the support of Bwin

“Médecins du Monde” reached the outermost region of Prespes to provide health services to ...

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“Médecins du Monde” reached the outermost region of Prespes to provide health services to the residents of the dozens of villages located in the mountains with the valuable support of bwin.

The humanitarian mission included the following medical specialties: A Pathologist, a Gynecologist, a Pulmonologist, a Gerontologist, a Psychiatrist and a General Practitioner, as well as two nurses. The team of doctors performed over 100 medical examinations within three days at the Municipality Clinic of Laimos. Residents of Agios Germanos, Kallithea, Psarades, Pisoderi, Vrontero, Laimos and Agios Achilleios, which is one of the two inhabited islands in a lake in Greece.

The recently awarded initiative at the “Corporate Affairs Excellence Awards 2020” of “Médecins du Monde” and bwin took place at the tri-national region of Prespes, the sixth stop after Kastellorizo, Fourni Korseon, Psara, Agios Efstratios and Amygdaleona of Kavala.

“We are really happy that bwin continues to firmly support the work of ‘Médecins du Monde’, thus enabling us to provide primary health care services in remote areas of the country. ‘Médecins du Monde’ and bwin together – wherever there are people”, stated Eugenia Thanou, General Manager of “Médecins du Monde”.

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We are proud to support the humanitarian work of ‘Médecins du Monde’, helping them to provide health services. Even more in the region of Prespes”, added Konstantinos Efremidis, CSR manager of bwin.

Finally, the Mayor of Prespes, Panagiotis Paschalidis, thanked both bwin and Médecins du Monde’ for their visit and stressed the importance of such initiatives.

Bwin is supporting the work of “Médecins du Monde” as an integral part of its corporate social responsibility strategy.