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Inauguration of two courts in Didymoteicho

Bwin remains true to its social responsibility strategy and to the vision of supporting th...

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Bwin remains true to its social responsibility strategy and to the vision of supporting the people and the local communities in which it operates. Thus, once more traveled to one of the outermost regions of Greece, Didymoteicho, where a really important project was completed.

On Wednesday the 14th of October 2020 – with all the necessary measures and precautions taken, took place the inauguration of the newly renovated basketball and volleyball / handball courts of the 3rd Primary School at Didymoteicho, in collaboration with the Union “Together for Children”!

Representatives of the Decentralized Administration of Thrace and the Municipality, members of the Board of Directors of the Union “Together for Children”, Parents & Guardians Association members and, of course, the excited students were present at the ceremony.

The renovation was completed on time, before the start of the school year and will give everyone in the region the opportunity to train and play their favorite sport. It will also give them the chance for something even more important: the values of fair play.

The two new courts have a total area of over 790 sq. m. A specially designed floor was laid down for extra safety, which is used in professional facilities. Also, delineation was placed and the necessary equipment was installed. At the same time, the courtyard was adorned, so that the students can enjoy playing in a beautiful surrounding.

Mrs. Alexandra Martinou, President of the Union “Together for Children”, alongside Mr. Stavros Papamichael, Principal of the 3rd Elementary School of Didymoteicho, and Mrs. Ioanna Beriou, Director of Corporate Communication of bwin, cut the ribbon at the ceremony.

“We will hear happy voices of children again this year in Didymoteicho. We came here for these children, who live in one of the outermost regions of Greece, in order to see them play their favorite sport in quality courts. With the valuable support of bwin we are happy to offer to the children of Didymoteicho renovated facilities of the highest standards. Our goal is to create equal opportunities for children and young people in every corner of our country and especially in outermost areas. With that in mind, we are really glad that bwin shares the same vision as we do”, said Mrs. Martinou.

“We are pleased to welcome the Union and the representatives of bwin to inaugurate together these courts. Since last July they made the courtyard of our School look more beautiful. The courts meet the most modern standards for outdoor sports facilities. This project is very important not only for our School, but for the entire town. In these courts, children of the whole area will have the opportunity to play safely. We warmly thank all those who contributed to this project”, added Mr. Papamichael.

On behalf of bwin, Mr. Beriou stated: “We are again in Didymoteicho to inaugurate two brand new courts despite the difficult times we are going through. The Basketball and Volleyball courts were essentially re-created for the inhabitants who live here, with pride and love from our side. I want to thank Mr. Papamichael, who organized this emotional ceremony, but especially the students, who now are able to play sports in much better conditions. Our support for the work of the Union will continue in 2021 and will play its part in creating even more courts in locations where sports mean so much to children. Some of them will become our next champions”.

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Bwin’s partnership with the Union “Together for Children” has been awarded at the Corporate Affairs Excellence Awards. The cooperation exists for three years now and during this time more than 50,000 children and their families have been beneficiaries and dozens of important projects have been completed across Greece.

Bwin supports the humanitarian work of the Union “Together for Children” as an integral part of its CSR Policy