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                        Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility

Calendar icon 20/06/2022

Inauguration of a new basketball court in Kiato, alongside Vasilis Spanoulis!

bwin funded the construction of a new sporting court in Kiato and organized the inauguration !

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bwin, in cooperation with the Association “Together for Children”, funded the construction of a new sporting court in Kiato and Vasilis Spanoulis attended the inauguration!

The inauguration took place on June 9, but the construction works had been completed during the Easter festive period. Spyros Stamatopoulos, mayor of Kiato, Alexandra Martinou, president of “Together for Children”, and Ioanna Beriou, bwin’s Director of Corporate Communications, were also present at the event.

The big surprise for everyone was Vasilis Spanoulis, who accepted bwin’s invitation. One of the greatest European basketball players ever talked to the children, took photos with them and revealed some of the keys to success, sharing his experiences. “Basketball is a way of life and I’m really happy to deliver this beautiful and modern sporting court to the children of Kiato, with bwin’s support. It’s important to create safe and functional sporting facilities, as that will push even more children to play sports. In cooperation with bwin, we will continue putting effort and new modern courts will be constructed”, Spanoulis said.

bwin will fund the construction of 5 new sporting courts all over Greece and Kiato was the first town to benefit from this action in 2022. The goal is simple: every child, every young man should have access to sporting facilities and be able to participate, without any restrictions, in sporting activities.

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“Every journey gives us inspiration and every destination mean a new sporting court. The result of bwin’s commitment to help sports grow even more in Greece, is evident. We are proud of this action, as more and more sporting courts are being constructed. In cooperation with the Association “Together for Children” we have travelled to Didymoteicho and Samotrhaki, two of the outermost regions in Greece, and, today, to Kiato. Our goal is to give every child in our country equal access to sporting activities and provide communities with modern, safe and functional sporting facilities.

Understanding the importance and influence of Sports in our country, we have joined forces with Vasilis Spanoulis, who will help our cause. We thank him and we will travel together with him in every corner of our country, so that every community will have its own sporting court”, added Ioanna Beriou.

bwin’s initiatives, part of its corporate social responsibility program, are in alignment with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN until 2030 to create a more sustainable future. This initiative is part of Goal No. 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities and Goal No. 17: Partnerships For The Goals.