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Corporate Social Responsibility

Calendar icon 20/04/2021

Easter initiative by Bwin for children and the elderly

Through its social responsibility initiatives, bwin once more reached out to children, the...

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Through its social responsibility initiatives, bwin once more reached out to children, the elderly and people living alone in Attica, during the days before Easter.

This year’s festive period is even tougher as we experience the pandemic for over a year now. Especially for those who already faced various problems in their day-to-day lives and struggled to live by their own means. They are in need of a warm hug and love. Bwin remained true to its corporate social responsibility strategy and made sure to brighten this Easter on their behalf, put smiles on lots of faces and offer a positive perspective to children, the elderly and people living alone in Attica.

In collaboration with the Union “Together for the Child”, bwin’s team of volunteers fondly prepared and offered Easter baskets to the children of families that have been greatly affected financially by the pandemic. The baskets were filled with traditional products and, of course, accompanied by the customary Easter candle.

At the same time, bwin’s representatives paid a visit to “Athens Nursing Home”, as they did last year, to offer Easter baskets to all its residents, who accepted them with great joy. “Yet again we thank bwin for supporting us and giving us the courage to keep focusing on our difficult task”, said Zois Kolios, President of “Athens Nursing Home”.

Finally, for the first time, bwin was present at the “Agia Anna” Christian Shelter for Girls. Our volunteers became, for a brief moment, the godfathers of the girls staying there. They prepared the Easter baskets together and gifted a new pair of shoes to every child. They also provided everyone with medical disposables. The girls were more than happy to meet bwin’s volunteers and really moved by their presents.

Bwin’s team was more than happy to assist, so that all of these initiatives were realized. Everyone believes and is inspired by the brand’s vision for supporting the people and the societies, in which it currently operates.

Bwin’s initiatives, part of its corporate social responsibility program, are completely in alignment with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN until 2030, contributing thus to a better and more sustainable future for all. Bwin’s Easter initiative is part of Goal No. 3: Good Health and Well-being.