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Corporate Affairs Excellence Awards 2020: Bwin won two major awards for its CSR projects

Bwin received two major awards in this year’s Corporate Affairs Excellence Awards. The cer...

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Bwin received two major awards in this year’s Corporate Affairs Excellence Awards. The ceremony was organized successfully at the 7th of July, with all the necessary measures and precautions. Bwin is consistently collaborating with NGOs, Institutions and Organizations, providing support to local communities and the society through important projects. Supporting the societies in which is operating, remains a top priority for bwin and the importance of the multifarious actions of Social Responsibility was reflected in the Corporate Affairs Excellence Awards 2020, since bwin excelled in two different areas.

Bwin received an award in two categories:

  • 9A “CSR Programs and Actions”. Bwin supported the missions of the “Médecins du Monde” throughout the Aegean Sea to the most distant Greek islands. There, the doctors provided free medical services to over 600 permanent residents.
  • 9C “Cooperation with NGOs in the context of a CRS program”. Bwin has supported consistently the important work of the Union “Together for the Child”.


“Médecins du Monde “

True to its vision of actively supporting the societies of countries where it is operating, bwin has been by the side of “Médecins du Monde” and their work. Having the strong belief that prevention is better than cure and that everyone should have access to public health care, “Médecins du Monde”, with the support of bwin, delivered humanitarian missions throughout the Aegean islands, covering over 1.600 nautical miles and traveling for over 62 hours by boat and plane. Over 600 residents benefited from these missions. These islands often lack many essentials and health services. Agios Efstratios (in March), Psara (in September), Fournoi Korseon (in October) and Kastellorizo (in November) were the islands which were selected by the “Médecins du Monde”. The doctors provided free medical services to over 600 permanent residents, including various examinations by: Pathologist, Gynecologist, Pediatrician, Dentist, Cardiologist and Ophthalmologist.


Union “Together for the Child”

The program “I offer because I care” remains high in bwin’s agenda. At the same time, bwin continues to finance infrastructure projects and programs of all 9 Associations and Organizations, that are part of the Union, and activates voluntarily its staff. In 2019 only, 12 actions significantly strengthened the work of the Union and its cooperating bodies. Bwin is proud of the continuation of collaboration with the Union and its members. Their work is very important, essential and valuable for the society. Our employees have the pleasure of helping to ensure a better future for a lot of people in need. Contributing to the infrastructure projects is also really important for bwin, as more children will benefit in the future.


Konstantinos Efremidis, Corporate Responsibility Manager of bwin, received the awards alongside representatives of both Organizations. “We remain loyal to our social responsibility strategy and these two awards are a culmination of our efforts to support vulnerable social groups and the society in general, eliminating social discrimination as well as social distance”, he stated.

The Corporate Affairs Excellence Awards is an initiative of the Hellenic Management Association of Greece, aimed at mobilizing, sensitizing and activating Companies, Executives, Consultants, Public Relations Companies and even Students to support innovative actions, which are successfully implemented, have a positive impact and benefit all interested parties (employees, the society, the public sector, the local authorities, NGOs, etc.).