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Together for Children

Calendar icon 28/07/2020

Bwin supports sports in outermost regions of Greece

The first phase of the initiative has been completed in Didymoteicho, Evros.

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Bwin has been actively supporting social groups through sports in outermost regions of Greece, promoting fair play at the same time. In cooperation with the Union “Together for Children”, bwin completed the first phase of this joint initiative in Didymoteicho, Evros.

Specifically, two stadiums in the 3rd Primary School of Didymoteicho were reconstructed completely and the courtyard area was adorned ahead of the start of the new school year 2020-21. Approximately, 160 students who attend the Primary School, will have now the opportunity to safely play basketball, volleyball and handball in brand new sports courts. In the two terrains, with a total area of more than 600 sq. m., was installed a special safety carpet which is used in professional facilities. Delineations were marked for these three sports and the necessary equipment was installed.

The recently awarded partnership between bwin and the Union reached the 3-year marker and during this time more than 50.000 children and their families have been supported in various ways.

“The aim of the Union ‘Together for Children is to create equal opportunities for children and young people in “every corner” of our country. This applies especially in remote regions. We thank bwin, a valuable contributor to our cause, for the immediate response to our call for help, so that we can offer high quality sports facilities to the students of Didymoteicho, thus contributing to the development of an understanding of fair play and sports ideals”, said Alexandra Martinou, President of the Union.

“We are really happy that this initiative benefited our region. Nothing like this has ever happened here before. We hope that similar actions will take place in other schools. As a Principal of this school, I always try to give my best for the children and I would like to thank again all those, who contributed to the completion of this important project”, stated Stavros Papamichael, Principal of the 3rd Elementary School of Didymoteicho.

On behalf of bwin, Ioanna Beriou, Director of Corporate Communication, added: “We traveled in Didymoteicho, where the heart of Greece beats, even in a such outermost area just next to the border with Turkey. We managed to complete this project for the children way ahead before the start of the new school year and we are full of pride about that. Not only the students at the Primary School will be able to enjoy playing in facilities used in professional sports, but also the all the people of Didymoteicho. We thank them very much just for being here for all of us”.

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Bwin supports the work of the Association “Together for Children”, as an integral part of its corporate social responsibility strategy entitled bwincares.