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Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility
Together for Children
Together for Children

Calendar icon27/11/2019

Bwin supported again the Union “Together for children” in 2019

Bwin provided again practical support throughout the year to all nine (9) Associations & Organizations of the Union “Together for children”.

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Bwin, through its corporate social responsibility program “bwincares”, supported the work of all nine (9) Associations and Organizations that are part of the Union “Together for children”, providing substantial help to their day-to-day operational needs. Through initiatives and actions, bwin supported over 30.000 children and their families.

Among other things, bwin:

* Supplied the appropriate equipment for the treatment pool area at the “Centre Hara”, for people with special needs.

* Supported sports activities for toddlers for a year at the “Papastrateio Children’s Home” in Athens.

* Supported the rehabilitation program for children living in poverty, who are treated with individual sessions of physiotherapy, occupational and speech therapy. Also, bwin provided special educational programs and counseling to their parents, at the “Hatzipatreio” Institute.

* Supported the “Tree of Life” program of “Merimna”, an organization that supports children and their parents who either cope with life-threatening illness or grieving the loss of a loved one.

* Partially retooled the vocational training laboratory of “Theotokos”, a Foundation for the Protection and Rehabilitation of Children and Young People with intellectual disability.

* Ensured that parents, non-residents of Athens, who live in poverty would be accommodated for as long as their children are hospitalized in Greek capital. This action came to life in cooperation with NPO “Breath – Friends of Children in Intensive Care”.

* Supported the “Syros Marathon” through the participation of the “Run to Change Diabetes” team, which was created by the “Panhellenic Association for the Fight against Diabetes in Youth”.

* Supplied sports equipment for “The Friend of the Child”, a charity association.

* Supported the construction of a new hall for adults with Cerebral Palsy at the “Open Door Centre of Education and Rehabilitation”.

Also, bwin:

* Gave the opportunity to children, supported by the Union, to participate in July’s basketball camps at “Peace and Friendship” Stadium.

* Donated a van to the Union, in order to provide food and essentials to families in need across Attica.

* Gave the chance to dozens of children, supported by the Union, to attend training sessions of Olympiacos B.C. and get Olympic Sports’ training under the guidance and help of various Greek Olympic Champions, such as Katerina Dalaka (Athletics), Theodora Goudoura (World Fencing) and Konstantinos Mastrogiannis (Karate). They are all members of the program: “bwinners: We support the New Generation of Olympic Champions”.

Finally, as happened last year, bwin’s grand sponsorship program to Olympiacos helped feature the logo of the Union “Together for the children” on Olympiacos’ official team shirt during away games, in countries where bwin is not operating for regulatory reasons.

For years now, Bwin supports the vision of the Union with commitment and dedication. Its people are actively supporting our efforts for a world in which children will be permanently happy. That world is our daily focus. Bwin is on our side during our initiatives throughout Greece and at the same time stands next to each of the Union’s associations. Together, we continue our common work for a more beautiful world for our children”, said Alexandra Martinou, President of the Union.

In recent years bwin has stood by the side of the Union. This is a partnership that makes us really proud, as the work of the Union is extremely important, valuable and decisive for the society. All of us who are working for bwin, share the vision of a better future and have the pleasure of offering our help to all nine (9) institutions under the umbrella of the Union. Our aim is to remain a close ally and contribute to the Union’s efforts”, added Ioanna Beriou, Corporate Communications Director of bwin.

Bwin supports the humanitarian work of the Union as an integral part of its corporate social responsibility strategy “bwincares”.

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