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Bwin on Kastelorizo, with “Médecins du Monde”

Βwin's support helped “Médecins du Monde” travel at Kastelorizo, in order to provide free health services to the islands’ residents

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Βwin’s support helped “Médecins du Monde” travel at Kastellorizo, in order to provide free health services to the islands’ residents.

“Doctors of the World”, with bwin’s support, arrived on Kastellorizo amid adverse weather conditions and provided health services free of charge to its inhabitants during the 24-25th of November.

Various examinations were conducted by a team of doctors including a: Pathologist, Gynecologist, Pediatrician, Dentist, Cardiologist, General Practitioner and Ophthalmologist. Within those two days, the doctors examined at the local Medical Centre more than 100 residents in total. Kastellorizo was the fourth and last stop of the humanitarian mission after the islands of Agios Efstratios, Psara and Fournoi Korseon. The journey was part of the “bwincares” program in collaboration with “Médecins du Monde”.

“These remote areas of our country are in many cases forgotten by the state. We thank bwin for its help, as we were able to provide health services to the residents of these islands”, said Chara Tzouvara, president of the Board of Directors of “Doctors of the World”.

“Kastellorizo was the last stop of our journey. We feel really proud just for being there, in the easternmost point of our country, a few kilometers from Turkey, to provide health care to its residents”, added Konstantinos Efremidis, spokesman of bwin.

Finally, Stratos Amygdalos, deputy mayor of Kastellorizo, thanked bwin and “Doctors of the World” for their assistance, pointing out that such initiatives are extremely important during the winter months.

Bwin is supporting the work of “Médecins du Monde” as an integral part of its corporate social responsibility strategy.

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