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                        Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility

Calendar icon 06/09/2021

Bwin and Olympiacos BC continue to support the National Healthcare System

True to their vision for supporting vulnerable social groups, affected by the covid-19 pan...

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True to their vision for supporting vulnerable social groups, affected by the covid-19 pandemic, bwin and Olympiacos BC continuously support the National Healthcare System.

“bwin Tournament against Covid-19” followed the “bwin Monday Night Game Against Covid-19” program, which last season proved to be a great success. During the weekend 4-5 September 2021 the international tournament took place in the Peace and Friendship Stadium, with the participation of Monaco, Peristeri and Lavrio. Victory was not the goal of any team. It was all about helping those in need!

Through this initiative, healthcare materials were offered to 4 hospitals (disposable face masks and gloves and antiseptic) as well as hospital equipment. The hospitals benefited from this action are:

  • Sismanoglio Hospital “Amalia Fleming”
  • KAT General Hospital
  • Karamandaneio Prefecture Children Hospital of Patras
  • Grevena General Hospital

Through the “bwin Monday Night Game Against Covid-19” program and the friendly games organized during its implementation, bwin and Olympiacos BC managed to collect and offer more than two tons of healthcare materials to 10 hospitals all over the country. Now, after the “bwin Tournament against Covid-19”, the number of hospitals that have received support is 14!

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Bwin and Olympiacos BC share the same philosophy when it comes to social responsibility, something that has been proven over the past three years of their cooperation. They are committed to continuing their common cause against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Bwin’s initiatives, part of its corporate social responsibility program, are in alignment with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN until 2030, contributing thus to a better and more sustainable future for all. This initiative is part of Goal No. 3: Good Health and Well-being and No. 17: Partnerships for the Goals.