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                        Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility

Calendar icon 29/12/2020

Annual review of bwin's social responsibility projects

Bwin keeps contributing to society through various actions

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Bwin’s social footprint was of great importance in 2020 as it is well shown in our annual overview. The past year was full of challenges for everyone and bwin was amongst the first to adjust its social responsibility initiatives to the new needs that were created. By supporting social groups, that have been hit the hardest by the pandemic, always in collaboration with well-known Organizations and Institutions, bwin reached out to those most in need. At the same time, bwin launched its new global strategy for Responsible Gaming.

During the past years bwin:

  • Implemented 67 social responsibility initiatives.
  • Provided help to 57 local communities
  • Supported 117,697 children and young people, as well as their families.
  • Was involved in 210 hours of voluntary work through its employees.
  • Supported 21 well-known Institutions, Associations, NGOs and Organizations.
  • Traveled 2,500 nautical miles for humanitarian purposes.
  • Covered 45,000 kilometers to provide social aid.
  • Offered 150 tons of food.

During 2020 bwin implemented more than 30 initiatives in 20 local communities. From Evros to Prespes and from Crete to Ioannina bwin was there.

In some detail, bwin:

  • Completed the Inauguration of two courts (basketball and Volleyball) in Didymoteicho. At the same time, the courtyard of the local 3rd Primary School was adorned, so that the students can enjoy playing in a beautiful surrounding.
  • Carried out humanitarian missions in Prespes and Kimi in Rhodope. Over 200 residents in those regions received medical assistance.
  • Aided the renovation of the accessible playgrounds in Ioannina and Chania. Now, the “Brave Children” of ELEPAP can enjoy playing with their peers without obstacles and discrimination.
  • Supported the construction of “Ariadne” in collaboration with “Open Door – Cerebral Palsy Greece”: A new building where nine adults, suffering from cerebral palsy, will be hosted in Agios Dimitrios, Athens.
  • Made the wishes of children come true through “e-walk”. An online interactive map was created by Make-A-Wish Greece.
  • Covered the cost of rehabilitation for children with Cerebral palsy, who didn’t have health insurance, partnering with the Foundation “Ηadjipaterion”.
  • Created and delivered Christmas and Easter baskets and gifts to people living alone and 14 NGOs and Institutions across Greece. Over 900 children, young people and elderly received their presents.
  • Offered controller pressure resuscitator systems for infants (Neopuff) to the Infants’ Intensive Care in Childen’s Hospital “P. & A. Kyriakou” in cooperation with “PNOE – Friends of Children in Intensive Care”, part of the Union “Together for Children”. The device encounters the breathing difficulties of the newborns, in order to avoid the use of a respirator.
  • Reconstructed the tennis courts located in Theotokos Foundation.
  • Provided the necessities for the new school year in contribution with ELEPAP (Hellenic Society for the Protection and Rehabilitation of Disabled), the Union “Together for Children” and Cerebral Palsy Greece/Open Door to over 200 children and young people.
  • Donated a van, which for the third year in a row transported food and necessities to families throughout Attica under the guidance of the Union “Together for Children”.
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Responsible Gaming

Bwin applies the strictest safety protocols through dozens of daily checks and adapted immediately our new group policy for Responsible Gaming, based around 7 pillars. Bwin presented its new TV and radio spot about Responsible Gaming with the participation of Kostas Sloukas, Greek national player of Olympiacos B.C.

Coronavirus pandemic

From the first moment that the coronavirus pandemic was spread, bwin reached out to vulnerable social groups with targeted initiatives and actions. In detail, bwin:


The voluntary contribution of the bwin Team was particularly significant and decisive during 2020. Our Team collected and delivered to the Union “Together for Children” over a ton of long-lasting foods, as well as household cleaning supplies and personal hygiene items for families in financial difficulties due to the pandemic. At the same time, our employees participated in voluntary blood donations.


Bwin was awarded multiple times in 2020 for its social responsibility strategy. In more detail:

It’s also worth noting that bwin actively supports 18 talented athletes, who strive daily to achieve their goals. Currently, qualification for 2021 Summer Olympics has been their priority, a goal which will fulfill their dream of representing their country in Tokyo, at the greatest international sporting event.

On behalf of bwin, Ioanna Beriou, Director of Sponsorship, Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Affairs, said: “It was a year that taught us that we need to be adaptable to any Corporate Responsibility plan we implement. Our contribution has been significant. With our multiannual experience of constant cooperation with well-known Foundations and Institutions, we continued to support their valuable contribution to society. At the same time, we adapted our actions to support vulnerable social groups, affected financially by the pandemic. Our goal and our vision towards the new year remain the same. Our vision is simply a better tomorrow and our sole aim is to help those in need. That is our way of giving back to society”.

Alexandra Martinou, President of the Union “Together for Children”, added: “Bwin is a valuable and long-term partner that supports our difficult endeavors. We share a common vision with bwin: to offer a beautiful future to children in need by providing them with the necessary supplies for the present at first. Everyday life is like a marathon. Being next to 30,000 children every day is a constant struggle. Supporters and companions, the people of bwin, where we needed help, were always by our side. 2020 was a special year full of challenges for all of us. Just consider the difficulties that arose with the lack of regularity. Bwin supported the actions and programs of the Union “Together for Children”, as well as the needs of our members. Requests for our feeding programs were increased due to the current conditions. Our Union managed to cope with all that thanks to the contribution of bwin. We had the opportunity to help every child in need as bwin undertook the leasing of the vehicle of the Union. In the remote area of Evros we showed that no one is forgotten. By renovating sports facilities in local schools, children can now have the same opportunities as everyone else”.

Last year started like any other, but quickly developed into something unprecedented. The pandemic brought uncertainty and the world seems to change rapidly. In such times our work becomes even more important. So, we must express our gratitude to our partners, who help us reach those in need. With the support of bwin for the 2nd consecutive year ‘Médecins du Monde’ helped the elderly in Attica by offering necessities and personal protective equipment. They were also present at the streets, providing immediate assistance to the homeless. Despite all the difficulties, we carried out humanitarian missions, providing medical help to remote regions of our country. And we continue to do so…”, stated Eugenia Thanou, General Director of “Médecins du Monde”.

Tasos Marianos, General Manager of ELEPAP, mentioned: “2020 proved to be a very difficult year for us all. Especially when it comes to vulnerable groups and the children with disabilities that ELEPAP takes care off. We started a huge effort to adapt to the new conditions the way we work. We undertook the high cost of sanitary materials and supplies, but the most important is that we took the risk of constant contact with people who need us. And we are glad to have partners in our efforts. Bwin has been constantly by our side, strengthening and uplifting us. Especially in these times. Having people to help us, gives us the courage to face every difficulty. We thank them from the bottom of our hearts and with that they will always be by our side”.

2020 was the year that forced Make-A-Wish Foundation to change the way of engaging with children. We couldn’t fulfill any dreams and we had to reinvent out way of working. During the first weeks of the year, we designed a digital ‘walk’ to celebrate ‘World Wish Day’ in a completely different way. The chances of success were limited, but our love for it made it possible with the help of bwin, which shares our passion. A phone call is always enough to feel secure. Bwin is our supporter and for that we thank Konstantinos, Ioanna, Giannis. That is simply invaluable. Thank you!”, said Sandra Zafirakopoulou, CEO of Make-A-Wish Foundation.

We know that bwin’s door is always open for ‘Open Door’. A true supporter of our work. So, we can only express our gratitude for that. Bwin financed the start of the construction of ‘Ariadne”. The new building will offer hospitality, security, care and family warmth to 9 people with severe cerebral palsy, whose family conditions and especially the aging of their parents, make their stay at home almost impossible. Having faced the usual bureaucratic delays, the construction of the building is progressing quickly and we believe that by the end of 2021 it will open its doors. At the same time, we offer our help to the parents who need it and assure them that their children are in good hands. It’s an extremely important step in our history and with the support of bwin we can move forward with optimism and solidarity, hand in hand”, added Daphne Economou, President of “Open Door”.

Bwin, one of the largest and most successful online betting and gambling companies in the world, continues to actively support the people and societies in which it is operating.