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Corporate Social Responsibility
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Together for Children

Calendar icon 22/06/2020

A van that cares!

The van that brings into life bwin’s CSR vision #bwincares

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What would a four-wheel, which has offered moments of warmth and countless smiles, say if it had voice? What would it say if it needed to illustrate with words the hundreds of thousands kilometers of social contribution to fellow human beings? What if it could find a magical way and chart on its speedometer the stories of thousands of people who has helped?

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bwin practically supports the activities of the Union “Together for the Child” with multifaceted actions. Just a glance of the van’s offering all these four years of “recovering kilometers” and carrying either humans or material cartage, is enough for everyone to understand that even the nonliving object have their own “personality” when someone makes the best of it.

The vehicle which makes #bwincares happen

In 4 years the van has…
• Traveled more than 23.000 kms
• Transferred more than 100 tons of necessities: aliment, cleaning goods, apparel, toys, books and personal care items
• Enabled transfers for 200 NGOs
• From its journey, more than 65.000 beneficiaries have been supported
• Proved that is valuable to the operation of the “I offer because I care” program of Together with Children Association”.

bwin, through its social responsibility scheme bwincares, supported individually the effort of all nine (9) Unions and Organizations which operate under the “Together for the Child” Union and additionally offered substantial support at their daily requirements for running.