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Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility
Make-A-wish (Greece)
Make-A-wish (Greece)

Calendar icon01/11/2018

A room for Markos

Bwin in collaboration with Make-A-Wish (Make-A-Wish Greece) made young Mark's fairytale wish come true and created an entire room of dinosaurs, fairies and ponies!

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He may be only 3 years old, but young Mark has so much inner power, like that of a tyrannosaurus or T-Rex, as he would say, since he knows everything about dinosaurs: his great love.

So when he wished to get a room full of dinosaurs, no one was surprised. But what they didn’t expect was that along with dinosaurs, he would ask for fairies and ponies. “For my sister!”, Markos said with absolute naturalness.

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And they lived happily ever after…

So, Markos and his sister’s room was transformed into a true fairy tale, with dinosaurs, fairies and ponies in every corner.

Mark’s joy on seeing his favorite animals was indescribable. He grabbed his new toys, climbed into his bed and started playing, sneaking glances at his sister’s toys at the same time!

Appearing moved, Marko’ s mum said: “We see your strength and desire to offer and we draw strength ourselves too. All we would like to say is thank you, nothing more”.

For us, the smile and joy of “our” child and his whole sweet family has been the most valuable reward!