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                        Athletes' Profiles
Athletes' Profiles

Konstantinos Mastrogiannis

In Japanese, karate means “empty hand”. In contrast, Konstantinos Mastrogiannis’ hand is full of medals and his sponsor, bwin, was there to help him obtain them.

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Konstantinos was born and raised in Galatsi, Attica and has been involved with karate and professional competition from a young age.

Discipline is the be-all to end-all

He is an athlete that trains daily with commitment and dedication so that he improves his skills and is able to achieve his goals. He is dedicated to karate; he disciplined and his life revolves around training and sports. He has participated in numerous championships and always wants to be better.

The champion’s zone

Konstantinos’ desire is to participate in as many world championships as possible and to bring home medals.

bwin joins the fight

bwin stands by Konstantinos’ side by funding once-impossible travels, so that he can participate in competitions that will help him improve and climb the world ranking ladder. Thus, he is able to attend training camps with bwin by his side.

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