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Elina Tzengko

The top athlete of Europe for 2018 continues to evolve and with bwin by her side she overc...

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The top athlete of Europe for 2018 continues to evolve and with bwin by her side she overcame every obstacle she found on her way.

The difficulties made her stronger

Elina was born in 2002 in Thessaloniki. She was still in elementary school, when she joined Kentavros Sports Club and under the guidance of coach George Boskariov she started writing history.

She was born to make the difference in sports, but before ending up in javelin throw, she went through other sports. She tried artistic gymnastics, hurdle races and running, but she finally found where she belongs. Her family taught her to work hard in order to fulfill her dreams and face all the difficulties. “As children, we may not have had many material goods, but we did have the basics: love, joy, affection, understanding,” she says.

The milestone year

2018 was the year that defined her. She reached her limits, as although she had set a national record two years ago, she wasn’t able to take part in any competition outside Greece, because she didn’t have Greek nationality. Her parents were economic immigrants, but she was born in Greece. However, she could not compete! “To be born in Greece, to grow up here and yet feel like a foreigner”, she said bitterly.

Elina did not give up. She won the Gold Medal in the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, achieved the fourth place at the European K-20 Championship in 2019 and won the gold medal at the Panhellenic Championship in 2020, while also setting a new junior world record. This was her answer against all difficulties. Her coach is the last person she interacts with before every competition, as he helps her feel confident. After every new accomplishment, her father -who always stays by her side in good and bad times- spreads the good news in the village where they come from.

With the support of bwin

Tzengo received an offer for leaving Greece and moving to the USA, with a scholarship in Georgia University. However, she decided to stay in Greece and keep fighting. Against all the adversities, she keeps up practicing daily in any weather condition. Her principles matched up perfectly with bwin, which is her main sponsor and together they are heading towards future successful accomplishments!