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Athletes' Profiles

Byron Kokkalanis

bwin is the official sponsor of the windsurfing champion Byron Kokkalanis. Together that set their sail for success!

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Byron Kokkalanis was born in Athens and competes in windsurfing. With bwin and Nikos Kaklamanakis, who has been hailed as “The Son of Wind”, by his side, Byron, who is currently one of the best surfers in Greece, has set said for great success.

Lucky number 13

Byron Kokkalanis “dived” into windsurfing for the first time at the tender age of 13. He competed in the Mistral until 2004 and then switched to RSX, where he received medals in many European and world event, the highlights of his career being when he received 5th place in the Rio Olympic Games and 6th place in the London Olympic Games.

Sails set for success

Now, at the age of 33 with significant distinctions, Byron is preparing to rip through the waters and to bring home a medal at the Tokyo Olympic Games. His strength stems from his daughter and Nikos Kaklamanakis, Atlanta Olympic gold medal winner, who is showing him the road to success.

May the bwin air be with you

bwin, who actively supports the Olympic winner’s every sports move, stands by his side as he makes his dream come true. The preparation of this sports is costly given that he needs to participate in a number of camps and races in order to be able to compete with strong competition and to be ready to achieve every goal.

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