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Athletes' Profiles

Anastasios Latifllari

Tasos was born in August 1996 and from childhood he demonstrated his talent for...

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Tasos was born in August 1996 and from childhood he demonstrated his talent for athletics. Tasos Latifllari “fell in love” with shot put and together with Odysseas Mousenidis, is one of the greatest prospects of Greek track and field.

Reaching the top

From a young age, Tasos learned to overcome every obstacle and worked hard to reach the top level. He is a member of Kentavros athletic club and he is happy to be in the team of George Boskariov, a coach he considers to be trustworthy for a mentor and almost as family member. The road to success had not been easy, as he had to overcome a severe injury to get back in action. His most significant achievement came a year ago (2020), when he was crowned indoor Greek Champion. In the same competition, he improved his record by 10 cm (19.10), while in his best outdoor performance is 19.45.

Stubborn and passionate

The 24-year-old shot putter lives in Nea Kallikratia and the motto of his life is: “The road to success comes through hard work.” Every day is a new opportunity to improve and his motivation is the constant effort to self-improvement, with hard work not only in track and field but also in life. Tasos Latifllari works as a physiotherapist to help his family. He is a real fighter both on and off the track.

With bwin on his side!

Latifllari is one of the new members of the “Team Future” program, since the passion for success, hard work and dedication to the goal are part of bwin’s philosophy as well. Together they plan their common future, leave behind the difficulties of the past as they dream of more competitions and honors!