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Anastasia Dragomirova

Dragomirova may only be 19-years old, but she made quite an impact with her performances a...

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Dragomirova may only be 19-years old, but she made quite an impact with her performances and records so far. She belongs to the new generation of Greek athletes and the future seems bright. Anastasia was born in Thessaloniki. Her parents may have come from Bulgaria, but she has obtained Greek citizenship. As herself says, the most memorable moment of her career was when see competed under the Greek flag!

Successes from a young age

Dragomirova is the holder of the national Greek record in Pentathlon, but she has also successfully competed in Eptathlon, Shot-put, as well as in other Track and Field Events. In the summer of 2020, she improved the U18 national record in Shot-put. She had broken it before. In Patra, when she was 17-years old, Dragomirova competed in the Greek Championships and set three new personal records. Anastasia won the Bronze Medal at the 2019 European Youth Summer Olympic Festival in Baku, where she was our country’s flag bearer. In 2020 she won the Gold Medal at the Greek Championships, breaking once more the national record!

Her day-to-day struggles

Dragomirova lives in Nea Kallikratia and is an athlete of AC Kentavros. Alongside her trainer, George Boskariov, she learned how to deal with every difficulty that comes her way. That mentality helped her, as she has faced many obstacles so far. Her national record in long jump was achieved in a filed made of… cement! The training ground, in which she practices, is full of holes, making life difficult for her. But nothing will stop Anastasia. “Kentavros is like family to me. When you have strong will, then everything is possible”, she claims. “I don’t let myself get carried away with all these successes. I keep my feet in the ground and continue to work hard”.

Even higher with bwin on her side!

Her mentality and strong will come in hand with bwin’s philosophy. That is why the two of them decided to team up, looking to more successes in the future. Bwin is on her side, helping Anastasia to improve the conditions of the training routine and take part in even more events, something that will help her evolve her skills and boost her performances. Dragomirova is ready for more successes and faces the future with great optimism, knowing that bwin is supporting her unconditionally!